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Kayla Cooper || 16 || District 6

A helping hand II Cato & Kayla

As Cato pulled her up he saw her squinting her eyes, as though she were waiting to die. Cato shook his head even though she couldn’t see him, if he had wanted to kill her he would have merely stabbed her while in the hole and moved on. Not go through all the effort of pulling her out and then killing her.

As he spoke to her, she quickly opened her eyes as though she didn’t believe she was hearing his voice. Her eyes focused on the ground and then she snapped her neck up to see his face. Cato let a smirk pull at the corners of his lips at her reaction. There were few people in the world who actually looked pleased to see him. Sometimes he secretly relished times like this. They had a strange sort of connection, almost in a fond sort of fashion which was strange especially where he was concerned.

Cato grunted slightly, surprised by hugging him. He felt a sort of cream from her face smear onto his own, covering some of the scraps he had picked up doing the games. He gave her a quick squeeze, not wanting to look too soft for the cameras, and also because he wasn’t used to someone approaching him like this. He laughed slightly, “Fine, I’ll let that slide but it’s still kind of funny. Now that is something I’ve never heard someone say. But hey there’s a first time for everything. Ready to go kid?” He said, gesturing with his head for her to follow him.

Kayla didn’t like the part when she had to let go of him, because he was alive and well at that very moment, and well, she didn’t want the next time for her to be hugging him, the time when he’d be on the floor, unconscious and not moving. She looked up at him and smiled, nodding her head. “Yes, I am. But wait, let me go get my things first.” she expressed, going back into the hole and retrieving her weapons and backpack, and climbing back up.

She was just really glad that he wasn’t someone who would drive a weapon into her. Because she knew he was better than everyone else made her out to be. As he led the way, she started following him, cautious of her surroundings. She was slightly limping, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her.

"Where are we going?" Kayla asked, pretty confused.

Congratulations, everyone.


You’re not dead yet.

Kay?! Is that you?! 

A helping hand II Cato & Kayla


Cato pushed through the trees, a stray branch scratching against his cheek. He felt a trickle of blood slide down his face as he reached up to swipe it away. He glanced from side to side before stepping through the clearing. Aside from Cato’s obvious bulk he was still able to maintain moving about without so much as a single sound. Not that he needed stealth on his side but because it was far more rewarding to catch a tribute by surprise sometimes than to give them prior warning. There was something exhilarating about seeing the blood drain from their faces as they realized all hope of escape was lost. Nearly every tribute who had approached him with fake bravery while in the capital was quickly forgotten as he loomed over them weapon in hand. many had tried to flee, even a few had measily attempt to fight against him. During the initial blood bath he had merely slice any tribute that came across his path, careful to not accidentally kill one of is fellow careers. They had each easily taken down an impressive number of tributes in the first few  hours but Cato was far from stopping his unstoppable streak of kills. He side stepped a mound of rocks, letting his hand slide over their surface. Reminding him of the many stone masons throughout district two. He smiled for a moment, a shadow of a smile for a life that he wondered if he would ever return to. He shook his head, surprised by his moment of doubt. His fiery blue eyes scanned his surroundings. The tributes were making a point to conseal themselves as a laugh escaped Cato’s lips. So much for that bravery they spoke so highly of before. He had anticipated this from the moment the games began. They would not be nearly as though as they had claimed. No one wanted to take careers head on, which Cato had to admit was by far the wisest thing any of them had ever displayed. But it would only be a matter of time, he would find them and he would kill them.

Cato’s ears picked up someone struggling as though they were trapped. His pulse quickened as he broke into a job, his hand against the handle of his sword. He stopped in front of a relatively large hole seeing a glimpse of small legs. He stood over the hole seeing none other than Kayla, seeming to have a hard time getting back out. Remembering her score of eight and deciding he could use an ally since all the other careers were scarce, he reached down, easily lifting her out of the hole, and placing her on the ground beside him. He let go, a smirk playing on his face. “Now I assume you have an interesting story as to how you ended up in a hole.”

Kayla just wanted to go home, she didn’t want to lay a hand on any of the other tributes. Even Clove, given the fact that she despised her. None of them deserved to die. Despite her tough and strong exterior, she had a heart. 

After applying the burn cream on her sliced cheek, she leaned back against the rigid wall, breathing slowly before sitting up and deciding to get out of the rabbit hole. Her ankle still felt weary from that fall into this hole. It was time to move on from this hiding place to another. She couldn’t stay in the same place, one of the tributes was sure to find her and kill her before second thought. Maybe if she kept hiding, she’d win without killing anyone. But then again, she couldn’t let the other tributes die.

She peered into the sunlight, and grasped a higher rock, but slid back onto the ground. Grunting, she pulled herself back up, and tried again. She limped towards the rock wall again, and attempted to bring herself out one more time, but again, she failed. It was a struggle when you sprained your ankle, and you tried to move upwards. Before Kayla got to do anything else, she felt a strong pair of arms pull her out of the hole effortlessly, setting her next to this tall, strong, familiar figure. 

I’m dead, I’m dead now. No chance of ever escaping this. She thought. Kayla had closed her eyes the second those arms fished her out of the rabbit hole. She was sure that she was a goner. But the second those words slipped out his mouth, she instantly recognized the voice and fluttered her eyes open. Focusing first on the ground, and then to Cato’s structured face. Kayla gasped. She was excited to see just about anyone who wasn’t out to kill her. Cato might have been a Career, but they shared a connection that wasn’t so common. It was as if he was Kayla’s long lost brother. 

Kayla let out a sigh of relief, and threw her arms over Cato, wincing in pain as her cheek came in contact with his face, spreading some on his cheek, covering the small wound that he seemed to have on his cheek too. She pulled away and tried to wipe away some of the cream that smeared on his skin, smiling. “Yeah, yeah. I slipped, okay?” She chuckled, which was rare, since they were in the middle of the Games. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m really happy to see you, of all people.” 


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Parachute || Kayla

Kayla leaned back on the rigid wall once again, and started to drift off. As her eyes grew heavier by the second, she heard a faint beeping getting louder and louder. Her eyes fluttered open as she saw not one, but two parachutes coming her way through the rabbit hole. Kayla sat up, excited. She reached for the parachutes and gave out a smile of relief. 

She received a pain killer, another set of bow and arrow, burn cream, crackers, dried fruit, and knives. “Yes.” she whispered as she extracted the knives. She was happy she had some sponsors. 

She swallowed her pain killer and decided to wait a few more minutes until moving out of her safe spot to go hunting. She could always leave her stuff and come back. Maybe cover the rabbit hole with leaves. 

So I just received my parachutes.

I got Knives, a Pain Killer, a bow and arrow, some crackers, dried fruit and burn cream.

Thank you to whoever sponsored me! You’re amazing, you know that? 

And if you haven’t sponsored me yet, it would mean the world to me if you did. Once again, my name is Kayla Cooper, I am sixteen, and I’m from District Six. If you sponsor me, I promise that I won’t fail you. 

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